Cool Stuff to Share

True Grit AT Smackdown

John Kuglin (technology consultant from Colorado) website with cool tools and resources some of which are listed below. Downloading YouTube videos
Convert youtube videos into quicktime if youtube is blocked in your county - I use and I find it really easy to use! (Shari Hill)
Cool videos on web 2.0 tools (delicious, wikis, twitter, etc)
Download 1-Click Answers (under Tools at the website below) - allows you to Alt-click on a word in any progam on your screen for a pop-up window with a concise answer tip and more info another click away if needed.

Techmatrix -
The TechMatrix is a powerful tool for finding educational and assistive technology products for students with special needs.

Sharon Bittle's FDLRS Fav 5 videos - These links are to videos that run about 15 minutes focusing on 5 tech tools that are free for teachers.

FDLRS Fav 5 for March 2011

FDLRS Fav 5 for April/May 2011

FDLRS Fav 5 For June 2011

FDLRS Fav 5 for July 2011