Orange County

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Front row - Marcia Piersall, Margaret Less, Marcia SternerSecond row -Tami Folks, Cathy Boetto, Tami Folks, and Elizabeth Rivera

3909 S. Summerlin Ave.
Orlando, FL 32806
Phone 407-317-3504 Fax 407-317-3526

Assistive Technology Team Members
Tami Folks tami.folks@ocps.net Occupational Therapist
Cathy Boetto Cathy Boetto Speech-Language Pathologist
Marcia Sterner marcia.sterner@ocps.net Speech-Language Pathologist
Margaret Less margaret.less@ocps.net Program Assistant
Elizabeth Rivera Elizabeth Rivera Educator
Marcia Piersall marcia.piersall@ocps.net Speech-Language Pathologist

Providing assistive technology intervention strategies, tools, and
training to maximize learning outcomes of students with disabilities.